Nanowrimo--Go Auston, go!!

November is the national novel writing month. Congratulations to my son Auston for participating in nanowrimo (I had to cut and paste this word in the blog entry because I never can remember how to pronounce or spell it). Essentially, it's an event where writers commit to write approximately 1800 words per day, with the goal being 50,000 words by the end of the month. The clincher is that the participants aren't supposed to write a single word before the start date, which was November 1st. By the end of the month, they will have written a novel. The idea is quantity, not quality.

My oldest son, Auston, is participating and has now written roughly 3600 words thus far. Will he persevere? Go Auston, go!! He asked me if I wanted to participate with him, but I told him, "No way!" It often takes me hours to write a single paragraph--depending on how thick my writer's block is. Quality is so ingrained in me that I would have a hard time churning it out at that pace. Kudos to those who do it! The more you write, the better you get at it. I'm expecting Auston to be a bonafide writer by the end of November. (Of course, I still don't feel bonafide, and I've been at it for a decade.) I guess I'm a slow learner. :-)

Nanowrimo is a neat idea, and a great way to collaborate with other authors. Check it out at