Coming soon: The Humongous Fungus Party

It's official!! We're having a Humongous Fungus Party on March 15 at the Daybreak Community Center in South Jordan, Utah. We'll be doing a reading of the book. Also (drum roll please ...) fabulously talented songwriter Amber Dawn Anderson and Kim Caroll (Irish born, sumo talented composer) are teaming up to create a musical album to go along with THE HUMONGOUS FUNGUS. Amber Dawn will be performing the songs for the first time. AND (it just keeps getting better) Karin Brosin (creator of The Style Sisters blog) and her talented daughters are doing yummy treats and cupcakes that go along with the story. Plus, they're decorating everything from scenes right out of the book! It will be a fun evening: music, great food, t-shirts, door prizes, and (of course) a reading of a great story!! (No, I'm not biased. LOL!) The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. and goes till 8. Invitations will go out soon! Everyone is welcome.