Does your man open the door for you?

A follow-up from my previous post:

Do you think that men still open doors for women? I certainly do! This one small seemingly insignificant act makes all of the difference. It's the little gestures that define who we are. Any man that takes the time to open a door for a woman will demonstrate a world of respect for the opposite sex in all aspects. Ladies, pay attention to the little things your man does or doesn't do!

I came across this blog that poses the question: Should men open doors for women? It was interesting to see the responses.

Should Men Open Car Doors For Women? | Big Is The New Small

In our novel, STONEY CREEK, ALABAMA, my mom and I added in a little tidbit where our main character goes on a date with a guy who doesn't open the door for her. She's disappointed but tries to rationalize his oversight.

Maybe I'm holding southern men to a higher standard, but I think they of all men should open doors for women. Any southern boy worth his salt will open the door for a woman. When I was a teenager, I accompanied a guy to a banquet. When we arrived, I sat in the car, waiting for him to open the door. (Note, that I had gone with this guy to his banquet, gotten dressed up, etc.) This guy got halfway across the parking lot before realizing that I was still sitting in the car. A little ruffled around the collar, he stopped, came back, and begrudgingly opened my door. Needless to say, our date didn't go off so well. 

A few months later, I was with a couple of friends at the mall, and we ran into this same guy. Now, I must add that the guy in question had been crazy about one of my friends since elementary school. We all decided to get into the same car and go to a restaurant for lunch. When we arrived, I was surprised and pleased to see him go around and open the door for my friend. His eyes met mine, and I have him a slight nod. In that small moment, I knew that he'd learned the value of treating a lady ... like a lady. This guy ended up marrying my friend (the girl of his dreams). Even though I've lost touch with them, I think about the incident from time to time and hope (for her sake) that he continues to open doors for her, that he continues to treat the woman he married like he once treated the girl of his dreams. 

Opening the doors:  a small thing? Maybe to some, but to me it means the world.