Drumroll pleeasee ... Page Hopkins has a new blog

I'm excited to announce that my sister, Page, has a new blog for her cooking! Page is an amazing cook and is always whipping up amazing dishes for the family. My boys love it when Page tries new recipes because they get to be the testers.

Page has a cookbook that recently came out. It's called COOKING YOUR SASS OFF HOLIDAY STYLE. Not only does it have great recipes, but Page tells the secret behind her amazing mashed potatoes--and other trade secrets. Also, Mom and I wrote stories about why these recipes are so special to our family. There's even a story about how Page nearly clawed my eyes out when I came back from the store with the wrong mayonnaise. (True Story)

Page doing what she does best. (I'm offering up morale support, and Nathan ??? Well, I'm not sure what Nate was doing, but we were having fun!

Page and I at a farm, picking out pumpkins for Halloween with our families. For years, Page and I lived too far away from each other to get together on a regular basis. Now that we live close to each other, we can see each other all of the time. WOO HOO!

 Click here to see Page's blog.

Page's new book is available on Amazon Kindle and Ibooks.

One perk to Page doing a holiday cookbook and guide was that I was able to use my decorating knowledge and offer tips on creating spectacular centerpieces. Here's a natural one that I did with cranberries. I call this one CRANBERRY DELIGHT. It's made using fresh cranberries and a floating candle. There's something magical about bringing nature indoors for the holidays. I love the smell of fresh pine garland.