My two loves: writing and design, merged into one

At times, I feel like a divided person because there are two things that I do professionally:  writing and interior design. A few years ago,  I was out shopping with a client for her home, and someone recognized me as a writer. "I can't wait for your next book to come out," the woman said.

Before I could explain, my design client got this funny look on her face and said, "You write too?" I then told her about my writing, but it was an awkward situation.

You see, there was a time when I didn't talk about my writing with my design clients because I didn't want them to think less of me as a design consultant. I kept my two worlds separate, thinking that people wouldn't be able to fathom that a person could be an "expert" in two seemingly unrelated fields.

Over the years, I've grown up a little and started realizing that I am who I am--a writer and an interior design consultant. I'm a creative person, a must for both endeavors.

My husband just sent me this link about an Argentine artist named Pablo Lehmann who created a life-sized apartment out of pages ripped from books. The apartment is complete with bathroom fixtures, a fireplace, dining room table, etc. (Of course, you can't actually live in the apartment, but that's beside the point.)

The apartment was recently on display in Miami, and Anthropologie is selling a book containing Lehmann's photographs for the nominal price of $2,300.00. NOW WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? I could use pages from all of my novels to redo a bedroom. (Somehow, I don't think my clients would be impressed.)

Of course, I could redo a child's room in a theme from THE HUMONGOUS FUNGUS. (I'll try convincing some mom that icky fungus looks "fashionable" draped over the bed. (Maybe there is some merit for keeping my writing and design worlds separate.)

The apartment by Pablo Lehmann is as cool as heck (from an artistic point of view).

Check it out!