Friday, June 21, 2013

Guess which picture is a redneck, good ol' boy, or po' white trash??

A friend of mine saw my earlier post about rednecks, good ol' boys, and po' white trash. He said, "ain't no difference ... I look in the mirror every morning." I got a chuckle out of his comment and jokingly told him that I was going to post up pictures of him on my blog to see which category people would think he fit in. He told me to take my pick (he's a brave soul), so here goes ...  You decide--redneck, good ol' boy, or po' white trash?

A recent trip to D.C. For some strange reason, he was approached by three secret service men and asked to leave. ????

Another day at the office ...

There just aren't words ...

Okay, this isn't my friend, but since he posted it on his FB page, I decided to include it. I affectionately call this one, "Christmas in Dixie." LOL!

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