Bestselling Authors Youngblood & Poole do their first ever ebook Give-A-Way

We need your help! Most of our books are sold through word of mouth and reviews really help. We're trying to get as many reviews as we possibly can for our books on Amazon! So we're doing our first ever REVIEW EBOOK GIVE-A-WAY.

For the next four weeks, we will be giving away one free ebook (Amazon Kindle) each week in a drawing! Entering is simple.

Here's what you have to do:

Go onto Amazon and review one of our ebooks. Any ebook you choose. Then send us an email at

Put "Reviewed It" in the subject line, and you'll be registered for the drawing. The drawings will be held each Tuesday. If your name is drawn, we will "Gift" you an ebook via email. (You can review all of our books and get your name in the drawing multiple times. Just let us know in the email the number of books you reviewed.)

On Tuesday, September 2nd, we will be giving away a free ebook copy (Amazon Kindle) of our newest book, 

The Southern Fried Fix: 25 funny stories from a typical Southern family

Bestselling authors Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole (mother and daughter) tell funny, heartwarming stories about life in the South, such as this entertaining definition of “What Bless Your Heart Really Means” 

In the South, we believe in being polite even if it kills us. So, when we just can’t fight the urge to say something nasty, we follow it up with a “bless her heart” just to make us feel better. “Look at that poor woman trying to jog around that track. Her rear-end is dragging a trail, bless her heart.”

The duo talks about the ins and outs of nosy neighbors, sibling rivalry, and why every Southerner worth her salt feels the need to offer advice. 

Asking a Southerner for advice is like turning a woodpecker loose on a tree and expecting it to take only one peck.

Youngblood & Poole write about tornadoes, storm pits, and why their dogs wear clothes too. 

These funny, heartwarming stories are a sampling of what life is like for the typical Southern family. 

Pull up a comfortable chair; put up your feet and sit a spell ... after all, everyone needs that Southern Fried Fix.