The Paper Rose Club is FREE today on Amazon Kindle

The Paper Rose Club is FREE today on Amazon Kindle. If you haven't read it, here's your chance!

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Four best friends. A lifetime of memories. Nothing could ever come between them … or so it would seem.

Welcome to the quaint town of Honeycomb, Alabama where life is anything but serene. Roxie Fisher must fight to save her bakery from the greedy clutches of her lifelong nemesis, Imogene West, while trying to finagle a way to keep Gus Malone, the love of her life, from falling for her spoiled but beautiful designer friend, Rose, who's determined to make Gus number four in her long line of husbands. Roxie get lots of help and unwanted advice from Bobbi, her busy-body friend and Pollie, her hypochondriac sister. 

Lots of cat fighting and cake slinging going on in this heartfelt story about the friendships that define our lives and the secrets we all keep from each other.

Lots of southern style sass and sizzle in this southern novel about small-town life, romance, betrayal, and the friendships that carry us through it all.