My Favorite Holiday Recipes

My Favorite Holiday Recipes

It's the day before Thanksgiving and this morning, as I was pulling out my favorite recipes and making a list of grocery items that I still need to buy in order to make a Thanksgiving meal, it struck me that I'm really lucky! I have an amazing sister who is a culinary genius. She has either formulated or tweaked every recipe that I'm making this Thanksgiving.

People are always asking for my recipes, and normally, I'm hesitant to give them, but I'm excited to announce from the rooftops that the recipes are now available and beautifully compiled in one nifty place--my sister Page's holiday cookbook.

The recipes in this cookbook have been tried and tested, some of them handed down through several generations in our family. A few of them are artful twists to old favorites.

Be the star at your family gathering this year! Make a few of these recipes! You'll thank me for recommending it.

It's called Cooking Your Sass Off Holiday Style. You can get the electronic version on Amazon!


Page Hopkins, my talented sister!