A great day to celebrate the South

I hold my Southern heritage close to my heart and am very proud of the uniqueness that makes up Southerners. In honor of my upbringing, I thought I would dub today as a great day to celebrate the South!

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In the South, we believe in being polite even if it kills us. So, when we just can’t fight the urge to say something nasty, we follow it up with a “bless her heart” just to make us feel better. “Look at that poor woman trying to jog around that track. Her rear-end is dragging a trail, bless her heart.”

In this book, Mom and I talk about the ins and outs of nosy neighbors, sibling rivalry, and why every Southerner worth her salt feels the need to offer advice. 

Asking a Southerner for advice is like turning a woodpecker loose on a tree and expecting it to take only one peck.

We write about tornadoes, storm pits, and why our dogs wear clothes too. 

These funny, heartwarming stories are a sampling of what life is like for the typical Southern family. 

Pull up a comfortable chair; put up your feet and sit a spell ... after all, everyone needs that Southern Fried Fix.