... and so the writer played

L to R: Page, Jennifer, Auston

L to R: Page, Jennifer, Auston, and Jonathan

Okay, I'll admit it ... sometimes I get a little tunnel visioned about writing. I get my mind on a particular story, and it consumes me. I've been in this mode the past several weeks as I've furiously worked to finish up Love Spell, the second book in The Grimm Laws Series. So, when I got a call from my sister, asking if I wanted to take some time out to go hiking in the canyon with her and my brother, Jonathan, I was a little hesitant. I love hiking in the canyon, and I especially love spending time with family, but that pesky deadline kept flashing before my eyes, demanding that I work, work work! Then I heard another voice--that sensible voice that said, "In the grand scheme of things, one extra day won't make or break the book, but it may be a long time before you get the chance to go hiking with your siblings again."

So, I put a gag on that slave-driving workaholic inside my head and went on the hike. I had a wonderful time!! It was a glorious day, and the canyon was breathtaking. I had a fabulous visit with my sister, brother, and oldest son. The interesting thing is that I don't think the reprieve from writing hurt me in the slightest. In fact, I returned to my computer with a renewed vigor and determination.

The lesson here? Life flies by at a lightning-speed pace, and if we don't take time to enjoy it, then what will be left with in the end? Work?

So all of you wonderful peeps out there--take a break every once in a while. Enjoy life. Put the work aside ... it'll be there tomorrow, I can promise you that. Take the timeless advice from the original hipster--Ferris Bueller. (Now, Ferris knew how to take a day off!)