Beastly Charm is Free Today on Amazon Kindle

Beastly Charm is FREE today on Amazon Kindle. If you love smart and tender romances with lots of sizzle, set against the ultra romantic backdrop of a timeless mansion, then you'll love this contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast!

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High-powered real estate executive, Belle Montrose has a lot riding on a deal—a deal that must take place else her career will crumble! Only one man stands in the way—the elusive Sebastian Blake, heir to the valuable Rosewood Estate. He refuses to sell to Belle’s client, even though Rosewood is on the brink of foreclosure. When Sebastian Blake cancels a conference call, Belle is furious! She jumps in her car and drives to his estate, determined to speak to him face to face. Never mind that it’s coming a blizzard or that she’s sick with the flu.

Sparks fly when Belle barges into Sebastian’s home and demands that he listen to her. Sebastian Blake is not only devastatingly gorgeous, but he’s formidable and beastly in the way he chomps Belle to bits with a severe tongue-lashing that cuts her to the core. In a rage, she storms out of his house, vowing to never lay eyes on him again, but a twist of fate, throws her right back into the den of the beast, where she finds herself completely at his mercy.

Sebastian Blake offers her a proposal she cannot refuse, and she’s drawn into his world—an intoxicating world of charm, romance, roses, and dancing. And try as she might, she can’t fight the incredible attraction she feels for Sebastian. Will she risk everything for the man whose beastly charm is captivating her heart, or will her head win out in the end?