Burned is FREE today on Kindle

Burned is FREE today on Amazon Kindle! This is a fast-paced thriller that takes place in a small Alabama town. We loosely patterned the town after the place where I grew up. It was fun to revisit snippets of my childhood as we did our research. Of course, the story is entirely fiction, and we took literary license in tweaking the town to make it fit with the story.

Football plays a large part of this novel, and I can't help but think about my dad when I read it. He was a gifted athlete who played for The University of Alabama under "The Bear" on the 1948 turnaround team. Dad painstakingly walked us through all of the technical aspects of the game. It was through his eyes that we caught a glimpse of what it's like to have an all-consuming passion for the game. He has since passed away, so the novel now has an added meaning. Whenever I read those passages that pertain to football, I think of Dad. He will forever live on within the pages of the book!

Sydney Lassiter has the perfect life—glamour, wealth, and all the high-society status to go with it. But something is telling her that she needs to return to the sleepy little town of Stoney Creek, Alabama where she grew up. She hasn’t been there since her father was killed in a boating accident—or was he murdered? She takes a job as a safety consultant at the local sawmill—the same place where her father worked—and sets out to discover the truth about his death. 

In Stoney Creek, you don’t ask the kinds of questions Sydney is asking. There are too many secrets—secrets that someone will do anything to keep hidden. To complicate matters, Sydney becomes enmeshed in a confusing love quadrangle involving two men, and the other woman, who seems to want both of them. And both men seem to have some connection to the death of her father. 

The closer Sydney gets to the truth, the more it seems that her quest could destroy not only her but the people and town she has come to love. 

“Poignant, suspenseful, and romantic. Beautifully written and filled with unexpected twists and turns. A sleek romantic thriller.” 
Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author of A PLACE TO CALL HOME