Love Spell is now Available!

I'm thrilled to announce that Love Spell is now available to order! In celebration of this event, we're doing a drawing this evening for a $25.00 Olive Garden Gift Certificate!

To get your name in the drawing, order Love Spell today and let me know by replying to this post or sending an email to

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The captivating story of Banished continues in Love Spell, the second book in The Grimm Laws Series. 

Fans of the hit TV show Once Upon a Time will love this sophisticated retelling of The Cinderella Story where the real world and fairy tale world collide in an epic tale of magic, love, and betrayal where there are kings, queens, knights, tyrants and a fair-haired prince that falls in love with a peasant girl. 

As Elle Worthington tries to come to terms with her memory loss, she realizes that her heart belongs to Rush, but is it too late? Will she be able to convince Rush that her feelings for him are real or will she lose him forever? 

Adele works her quirky magic to show Elle glimpses of her former life in the fairytale world where Cinderella’s charmed life in the castle with Prince Edward hangs by a thread when she is discovered in the forest with Rushton. Things start to unravel when Rushton is thrown into the dungeon and accused of casting a love spell over Cinderella. She must decide if she will follow her heart at the risk of death or if she will succumb to the fabricated happily-ever-after that’s being forced upon her. 

The stakes get higher when the Sorceress Griselda turns her loathsome shadow crawlers loose on Elle and her friends in the modern world, unleashing their worst fears. In a dramatic showdown of light versus darkness, Elle must fight against the clock to find the key that will save them all, and in doing so, must face her most fearsome adversary of all—the girl in the mirror.