The Two-minute Love Story that had Me in Tears

It's a wonderful thing to have a husband who works in the entertainment industry! We have great discussions about the latest books, movies, and commercials. Last night, he showed me a commercial for Extra Gum that Patrick considers to be in his words, "advertising gold." It was just released yesterday and already has over 40K views. After watching it, I understand why! This is one of the most heartfelt and touching love stories I've ever watched. That's right! A love story wrapped up in a two minute commercial. Sounds unbelievable, right? My heart soared! I was touched! I had tears rolling down my face after watching this.

When Mom and I write our novels, this is the experience we try to create. (Of course, it takes us a little longer than two minutes! LOL!) I felt this same way after reading False Identity. It's a funny thing to be sobbing when you're reading your own book. I often say that we have to first write the stories, so that we can enjoy reading them! (How's that for creating your own entertainment?) Without giving away the ending of False Identity (for those who haven't read it), you'll hopefully be touched. Your heart will soar! You'll come away feeling hopeful that miracles still exist and that two broken souls can find solace in each other!