The little things ...

Last night, I saw the most amazing FB post from one of my closest friends, Gailyn Bopp, who lives in Hawaii. Yesterday, was Gailyn's birthday, and her husband, Tama, outdid himself! Here's what Gailyn wrote ...

He-Bopp: "Happy Birthday! What do you want to do to celebrate?"
She-Bopp: "I'd like to build a teepee. And a fire. And watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."
He-Bopp: "Okay. Let me go to the mountain with my machete. Be right back."
( ...and She-Bopp swoons)

So, for her birthday, Gailyn asked Tama to build her a teepee, where she could watch Indiana Jones! Here's what Tama did ...

Tama, being the resourceful, devoted husband that the is, goes to the mountain with his machete (yes, he really owns a machete) to bring back sticks!

Notice it is dark by the time he gets the frame built. I suspect that his labor of love took him some time.

The teepee is now built!
Making a fire.
Gailyn giving the thumbs up in her birthday tent!
As one who writes love stories, let me be the first to say that I could not have written a better story than this one! When my teenage son, Cameron, saw the FB post, there was a tinge of awe in his voice when he said: "One day, when I get married, I want to be like these guys!"

I was touched by the heartfelt simplicity of this story! Gailyn and Tama are living out their own love story--one spontaneous day at a time. 

It is the little things we do that define our lives! 

I always tell my sons (in regard to finding that special someone) that they should pay attention to those seemingly insignificant things that give insight into a person's true character. How does she treat little children? How does she act when no one is looking? 

When Mom and I started writing False Identity, we focused on the those ordinary details that held the clue to the entire mystery. The heroine, Chancy, starts taking stock of her relationship with her boyfriend, making a mental note of the small things he does. These details come to play an important role in the novel! The clues are all around her, but she must be willing to see them. 

Little does she know that she has been thrown into a deadly deception where nothing is as it seems. One wrong step could lead to disaster!