Interview with Chloe Kensley

Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. 
I'm happy to announce that during the next few days, I'll be conducting a series of interviews with the characters from my latest novel, When Darkness Falls. This first interview is with Chloe Kensley and takes place shortly after her disastrous job interview. 

Downtown district of Beaufort, South Carolina where Chloe is from.

For convenience sake, "J" is me and "C" is Chloe.

J:  I appreciate your taking the time to meet with me, especially considering everything that has happened to you today.

C:  (Nods and offers a grim smile) Yes, it has been quite the day.

J: (Points to Chloe’s tights which are ripped. She’s not wearing any shoes.) You’re still bleeding a little. Are you okay?

C:  (Makes a sarcastic face) I’ll live, I suppose.

J:  What happened?

C:  To make a long story short—I fell on the pavement. As you can see, I skinned up my knee and ruined my favorite pumps.

J:  So I take it the interview didn’t go well.

C:  (Lets out a harsh chuckle) That’s putting it mildly! The owner, Hank Marsh, took one look at my appearance and practically threw me out of his office. (Shakes her head remorsefully) So much for that! I guess I’ll have to start looking for another job tomorrow.

J:  You’re an interior designer by trade.

C: Yes, I had hoped to get the job at Marsh Interiors so that I would be able to work in my field. (Folds her arms tightly over her chest) I can cross that one off the list! I wouldn’t want to work for that jerk anyway!

J: (Lifts an eyebrow) Those are pretty harsh words, considering you’ve only met the man once.

C:  (Scowls) Once was enough. I tried to explain to Mr. Marsh what happened, but it went through one ear and out the other! He barely even gave me the time of day! I went to all of this trouble to get here! Drove all the way across country BY MYSELF! The least he could’ve done was to give me a chance. (Tears form in her eyes)

J:  But you were late for the interview, were you not?

C: (Bites her lower lip) Yes, I was.

J:  Are you normally late for important things such as job interviews? I’m guessing that maybe time management is not one of your strengths?

C: (Narrows her eyes) As a matter of fact, I’m very punctual. For your information, I was late for the interview because my idiotic roommate took my car without asking! I had to call a cab. (Motions toward the window) And as you can see, it’s raining buckets out there. I simply caught my heel and fell. It could’ve happened to anyone.

J:  (Holds up a hand) I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m only trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

C: (Nods)

J: This is changing the subject, but I understand that you’re new to Salt Lake City.

C:  I’ve only been here for a short while.

J:  What do you think of it so far?

C: (Lifts an eyebrow.) Well, it’s certainly a lot different than where I grew up, if that’s what you’re asking.

J:  I can tell from your accent that you’re from the South.

C:  (Chuckles) Is it that obvious?

J:  (Smiles) Yes, you do tend to stick out … a little. You’re from Beaufort, South Carolina, is that right?

C:  Yes.

J:  That’s a long way from home. Do you have any family here in the valley?

C:  No, it’s just me. (Pauses) To answer your earlier question, I like it here. It’s definitely a lot dryer than what I’m used to. (Chuckles) I’ve gone through nearly a gallon of lotion already. The people seem nice … and it’s good to have a fresh start.

J:  (Gives her a probing look) A year ago, would you have ever thought you would be living on your own in a strange place and looking for a job?

C:  (Shifts uncomfortably) No, I never could have imagined it.

J: You were engaged to be married.

C: (Eyes take on a sad look) It seems like it was another life. I had everything planned out to the letter, but things didn’t turn out the way I expected.

J: Your fiancé, Dan, a marine, was killed in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.

C: Yes.

J: I’m sorry.

C: It has been extremely difficult. (Eyes grow misty) But in the end, I had no other choice but to pick myself up and continue on. (Gives a tight smile) I suppose that’s life for ya.

J: I spoke to your mom yesterday.

C:  (Looks surprised) You did?

J:  Yes, she seemed concerned. (Hesitates) I don’t mean to pry. I know you’ve had a difficult time, and it’s completely understandable that you would be experiencing emotional trauma. Trauma that might make you believe that you’ve been seeing Dan.

C: (Starts blinking rapidly) You have no right to pry into my personal life. My mother doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

J:  Have you been seeing Dan … since his death?

C: (Gives a cutting look) My past is my business and not up for discussion. I came to Salt Lake to start a new life, and I’m determined to do just that! I don’t appreciate your insinuations. (Moves to stand)

J:  Duly noted. No more talk of the past, I promise. Let’s switch gears. After the interview, you met someone. Would you like to talk about that?

C: (Settles back down) After the interview, I was naturally … well, upset. I was rushing down the stairs to leave the building when I literally ran into him.

J: Him?

C:  Garrett. His name is Garrett.

J:  What is his last name?

C:  (Blushes) I’m not sure.

J: (Tilts head) So, you don’t know his last name, but you agreed to go out with him tonight?

C:  (Tugs at collar) When you put it that way, I suppose it does sound a little … unusual. But if you had been there …

J:  Tell me about him.

C:  (Smiles) He’s handsome. Very handsome. (Wrinkles nose) Maybe even a little too handsome. I don’t care much for the pretty-boy types. Oh, and he’s charming. (Shrugs) He seems nice, and it’ll be nice to have a diversion. (Face falls slightly) A diversion from other things.

J:  So, are you going to tell your mom you’re going out with him?

C: (Laughs nervously) Goodness, no. (Gives a hard look) And you’d better not either.

J: (Makes a motion of zipping lips) Don’t worry. It’s not my place to tell her. (Glances at notes) It seems we’ve come to the end of the interview questions. I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll be able to find a good job and get settled here.

C: I certainly hope so. (Flashes a wry smile) The good news is that when you’re at the bottom of the barrel, you can only go up … right?

J: (Laughs) Right. Well said. Good luck to you, Chloe. I hope you find what you’re looking for.