Interview with Darbie (Chloe's Roommate)


Beasty (Chloe's cat)

The interview series continues. I'm interviewing several of my characters from my latest book When Darkness Falls. This interview is with Darbie (Chloe's Roommate). “J” is me and “D” is Darbie.

J: Thanks for meeting with me today.

D: No Prob. I don’t have a lot of time though. I’ve gotta get to my next class.

J: I’ll make sure and keep this short.

D: (Pulls a bag of chips from her backpack) I hope you don’t mind … I’m starving, and I haven’t had time to eat.

J: No, go right ahead. You and Chloe are roommates.

D: Yes, but only for a few days. She just got into town.

J: How are the two of you getting along?

D: (Shrugs) Fair … I guess … (Shoves a chip into her mouth and begins chomping noisily) I mean, we’re really different, so it’ll take some getting used to, but it’ll be nice to have help paying the rent and utilities.

J: I spoke with Chloe, and she told me that you took her car today without asking.

D: (Eyes grow wide as she sits up taller in her seat) Is that what she told you?

J: According to Chloe, you took her car, and it caused her to be late for her interview. Sadly, the interview didn’t go well. She didn’t get the job.

D: (Smirks) WHAT? I can’t believe she’s blaming that on me! I asked her if I could borrow her car last night, and she said yes.

J: (Glances at notes) Well, from what she said, it would appear that you asked if you could borrow her car sometime and she said maybe.

D: (Throws a hand in the air) Geez, I didn’t realize Chloe would make a federal case out of it. (Rolls her eyes) I mean, I did ask. And for the record, I didn’t realize her interview was today. (Leans forward) If I were you, I wouldn’t be so quick to believe everything that Chloe says.

J: What do you mean?

D: How well do you know Chloe?

J: Fairly well. Why?

D: (Lowers her voice) I’m not trying to cause trouble here, and I certainly don’t mean to judge, but the poor girl believes she’s seeing her dead fiancé. She’s a little touched, if you get my drift. (Makes a circular motion over her ear)

J: Did Chloe tell you this?

D: No, her mother told my mother, and my mother told me. What difference does it make who told me? The fact is that she’s troubled.

J:  Do you think it’s possible that she could really be seeing her dead fiancé?

D: (Lets out an incredulous laugh) No, I certainly do not! (Gives a hard look) Do you?

J:  (Laughs nervously) I’m not the one being interviewed. What I think doesn’t matter.

D: Fair enough, but you do have to admit that anyone who thinks she’s seeing her dead fiancé is a little strange.

J: No comment.

D: Fine. Be that way. (Waves a hand) Back to the car thing—Chloe’s just ticked because Beasty likes me better than her.

J: Beasty?

D: Her cat. (Smiles) He’s a cutie! We hit it off from the very get-go. The reason Beasty prefers me is because I’m not some uptight prude. Chloe’s shoes are laced a little too tight. Everything has to be perfect—all of the time.

J: So, I take it you’re not the greatest housekeeper?

D:  Geez! Since when is it a crime to be a bad housekeeper? I’m busy, okay? Studying to become a cop is not easy! I have hard classes and a truckload of homework. Besides, it’s not my fault that Chloe freaks out if I leave a pizza box on the counter. (Eyes narrow) You know what? I should sneak into her room and rearrange her sock drawer. That would really throw her into a tailspin. (Shakes her head and chuckles) I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I don’t mean to be heartless. Goodness knows that Chloe has been through a lot. I couldn’t imagine losing my fiancé. I just don’t appreciate her riding my case all of the time. After all, I moved into the house first, and I did agree to let her live with me.

J:  I’m sure Chloe appreciates your generosity.

D: I guess. (Glances at her phone) I hate to cut this little powwow short, but like I said earlier, I have a class to get to.

J: One final question. Do you think you and Chloe will be able to put your differences aside and become friends?

D: Yeah, I guess. I mean, anything is possible, right? Lighting could strike right now, but I doubt if it will. (Pauses) Having said that, I’m willing to give it a shot if she is.

J: It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here. Thanks for your time, and good luck with your classes.

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When tragedy unfolds to betrayal … a haunting love refuses to die … 

Chloe Kensley has her entire life planned out—as soon as her fiancé, Dan, a U.S. marine, returns from his final tour in Afghanistan, she’s going to get married and live happily ever after. When Dan is killed by a roadside bomb, her life falls apart. To make matters worse, she learns that Dan was unfaithful to her and fathered another woman’s child. Things get really bizarre when she starts seeing Dan’s ghost. He torments her in her dreams, and her terror mounts to new heights when she starts seeing him during the waking hours. Fearing that she’s coming unhinged, Chloe starts a new life. She leaves her home in South Carolina and moves to Salt Lake City, Utah where she takes a job as an interior designer at a high-end design firm. 

She gets caught up in a love triangle with two very different brothers—Garrett, the renegade playboy who sweeps her off her feet the moment he meets her, and Hank, the strait-laced older brother who also happens to be her boss. 

Still haunted by Dan’s ghost, Chloe fights to put her life back together as she gets caught up in the glamorous yet turbulent lives of the brothers. She soon learns that the man she loves has a dark past that includes high-dollar jewel theft and prison. When tragedy strikes, she becomes the pawn in a deadly game of intrigue and betrayal where she must fight to stay alive amidst the growing darkness. Will the ghosts of the past destroy her in the end, or will she finally be delivered when darkness falls?