Angels Among Us

I've always had a fascination with angels. There have been many times in my life when I've wondered if I were getting help from my loved ones that have passed. This feeling has intensified since my dad died. While I miss him all of the time, there was one specific time when I felt his presence so strongly that my spirit knew, in some inexplicable way, that he really was there beside me. It was an experience I will always treasure, for in that one small moment, heaven felt a little closer, and I caught a glimpse of how families really can last forever.

It goes without saying that I love a good love story! In my new book, Candlelight Kisses, I combined my love of angels with my love of romance to create a zany, lovable girl named Gracie who isn't remotely how one would picture an angel. She feels totally inadequate in her new assignment and makes a slew of mistakes that threaten to wreck everything. I see a lot of myself in Gracie as I make mistakes and bumble my way through life, doing the best I can.

Every time Gracie helps a couple find love, there's this tiny part of her that becomes a little more whole. Candlelight Kisses in only the first book in what I hope to be many adventures along Gracie's path as she strives to earn the right to become a real angel.

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Gracie Louise Andrews led an ordinary, humdrum life—right up until the day she died and became an angel ... err ... almost an angel. She's given the assignment to help couples find lasting love--an overwhelming task, considering her own love life was a complete disaster.

Never one to play by the rules, Gracie gets swept off her feet by a handsome, mysterious stranger who threatens to distract her from her mission. Will her zany antics save the day, or will she bumble the whole thing up and forgo any chance of ever becoming an angel?