Date Night


   A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the chapel at church and sacrament had just started when it was announced from the pulpit that there would be a women’s conference taking place the following Friday. A friend of mine tapped me on the shoulder from behind and then leaned over and whispered, “Are you going to the conference? We should get a group of friends together and then hang out afterwards.”
            “Yeah, I’m not sure that I’m going to attend that.”
            She looked surprised.
I’m sorry,” I continued with an apologetic expression.
            “Really? It will be a great thing to attend. Very uplifting,” she said, giving me a funny look, probably because I’m a regular at these types of activities.
            “Friday night is my date night,” I explained, “and I hold to that.”
            By this time, sacrament meeting was in full swing, and there was no time to explain my comments. I’m sure my friend thought my reaction was abrupt. After all, she was only trying to extend an invitation to a spiritually uplifting and enriching activity. She probably wondered why I couldn’t make an exception and switch my date night to another night. I wish there had been time to explain my point of view, but alas, there wasn’t. Looking back, I’m not sure what my friend thought of that odd conversation, but it got me thinking about the importance of that sacred occasion I call date night.
            My husband and I are coming up on our 26th wedding anniversary. It seems hard to believe that we’ve been married that long because in many ways, it feels like we’re only just begun our adventure together. While we’ve lived many different places and experienced varied lifestyles and cultures, one thing has remained a constant—our date nights.
            Friday night is our night—the time when we put aside all of the other demands that life heaps on us and focus on the two of us and what it means to be a couple. I look forward to this time and find myself getting a little giddy on Friday morning as I think about whatever fun activity we have planned. During that one evening—that short blip of time—we become teenagers who are experiencing the bliss of young love all over again. It may sound corny, but that’s how it is.
            I’ve come to learn that due to my hectic, crazy schedule that never slows down, I must constantly guard this time. Things come up, and other people’s wants and needs—however well intentioned they are—will hijack our night if we let them. I can’t always explain my reasoning to others, and they may not understand, but I’ve come to terms with that.  I choose to put my relationship with Patrick first, knowing that everything else will work itself out … or not, and that’s okay.
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