Two New Book Releases about Hawaii Billionaire Romance

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My fascination and love for Hawaii began when I attended college there. I felt like I was living a dream when I boarded the plane that would take me to a far-a-way exotic island with sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets. Since then, I have lived in Hawaii several times. It didn't take me long to discover that I loved the people as much as I loved the landscape.

When a writer friend of mine suggested I do a series about Hawaii, I jumped at the chance. After a few pow-wow sessions with my talented writing partner (A.K.A. my mom, Sandra) we crafted two novels for our Hawaii Billionaire Romance Series and plan to write many more.

The awesome news is that we're releasing both of these books at the same time! They're companion books, meaning the characters overlap, but they can be read as stand-alone novels. That way, you get the best of both worlds! You don't have to wade through a list of books to understand what's going on, but you'll be able to read more about the characters you come to know and love.

Writing these novels has given me the wonderful opportunity to visit Hawaii everyday in my mind. (Now, I just need to take a visit ... for real!)

I'm a hopeless romantic who believes that love can conquer all. These novels are for the undying romantic in you. You'll fall in love with these characters, and there's plenty of action ... and even suspense.

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Get Everything to Lose Here

When her father dies suddenly, Samantha Fairchild gets engaged to an uptight, controlling billionaire in order to save the family from financial ruin. Samantha accompanies her fiancé to Hawaii while he’s conducting a business deal. A chance encounter with a free-spirited surfer with dreamy eyes and a quick smile throws her into a tailspin. 

Caught between forbidden love and loyalty, Samantha has everything to lose. Will she choose money and security, or will her heart win out in the end? 

Get Love on the Rocks Here

Artist Liam Barclay has spent the past few years, living the carefree life of a bachelor, playing the field and soaking up the sun in beautiful Oahu. Until a startling heartbreak awakens him to a sobering realization—he’s in love with Maurie, his best friend and business partner. There’s only one problem—she recently got engaged. 

Tormented by the knowledge that he’s on the brink of losing the love of his life, Liam sets out to win Maurie’s heart. He becomes increasingly suspicious of Maurie's fiancé, and suspects that he’s not what he’s making himself out to be.  As events climax to a heart-pounding frenzy, Liam must fight to protect the woman he loves, while trying to convince her that his heart is true.