Love at the Ocean Breeze is Now Available

Love at the Ocean Breeze, the next book in the Hawaii Billionaire Series is now Available.

It was especially fun writing this book because it's a crossover book that ties two books together Hearts on Fire and Love on the Rebound. Trevor Spencer was in Hearts on Fire, and while he didn't get the girl in that one, Love at the Ocean Breeze is his story. I hope you enjoy it!


When his sister goes missing in Hawaii, TV Reality Star Trevor Spencer hops a plane and goes to find her. A chance meeting with Kat, a glamorous and smart single mother, ignites a spark that kindles into a whirlwind romance. But things are not as idyllic as the picturesque island around them, for Kat is harboring secrets that could not only hinder Trevor’s investigation into his sister’s disappearance, but also destroy any chance of a lasting relationship between her and Trevor. 

As Trevor delves deeper into his investigation, he wonders whom to trust, as the stakes get dangerously high. When events build to a frenzied climax, Trevor fears he’ll lose everything he holds dear—his sister and the love of a lifetime.



Prologue of Love at the Ocean Breeze
By Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole

            Lacey’s stomach growled. If only she’d thought to pack a granola bar … or something to snack on. She and Milo had been trudging through the overgrown trail for over an hour. She’d drained her water bottle in the first twenty minutes of the hike, and a blister was forming where the strap of her sandal rubbed relentlessly against her heel. Why had she not thought to wear tennis shoes? “Can we please turn around and go back?” she asked wearily.
Not bothering to look at her, Milo waved a hand as he increased his pace. “The waterfall’s great, babe. There’s a pool below it where we can swim. We’re almost there. Just a little further.”
“That’s what you said thirty minutes ago,” she grumbled, hurrying to keep up. Milo had grown up in the nearby town of Hauula, Hawaii. But he hadn’t been to this waterfall since he was a kid. Even though he swore he knew the way, Lacey was starting to wonder. At this point, she didn’t give a flying flip about some waterfall—no matter how beautiful it was. But Milo was determined to forge on until he found it or they passed out from exhaustion. And judging from the way things were going, it would most assuredly be the latter.
Lacey swatted the mosquito on her leg. She managed to kill that one, but ten more took its place in the blink of an eye. She was getting eaten alive! The air oozed moisture, bathing her in sticky sweat. If only her Texas friends could see her now. She glanced at the waist-high weeds and vines growing in tangles, and the trees crowding in around them. It looked like a scene straight out of The Jungle Book. She chuckled humorlessly at the thought. She’d come to Hawaii three months ago on vacation. Her second day on the island, she met Milo Kahele at Waimea Bay where he was back diving off a cliff. He was a local boy—a surfer heartthrob with a quick smile and great body. They’d been inseparable ever since. Her older brother Trevor didn’t approve of the relationship and would freak if he knew she was living with Milo. Trevor was always calling and texting, trying to get her to come back home and enroll in a community college. But it was none of his stinking business what she did with her life. She was an adult and could do as she pleased. She had no intention of sitting in a boring classroom. She’d never had as much fun with anyone as she had with Milo … well, most of the time, present activity excluded. Her lips formed a petulant scowl. If Milo didn’t find the wretched waterfall soon, she was going back to the house—with or without him.
Milo stopped so suddenly that Lacey nearly toppled forward to avoid barreling into him. “Careful,” she growled.
Milo stepped into a clearing, and Lacey followed close behind.  For a split second, she thought he might’ve actually found the waterfall, but no—it was only a crummy building that looked like it had been forgotten eons ago.
“I could’ve sworn we were going the right way,” Milo said, scratching his head.
“Obviously not,” she retorted, blowing out a long breath. “We need to go back. I have a blister on my foot.” She looked at her heel. It was bleeding. Where was a Band-Aid when she needed it?
His shoulders sagged in defeat. “Okay.”
Lacey plopped down on the ground. “I need to rest a minute before we head back.” She groaned. It felt good to sit down. “Care to join me?”
“Yeah,” he said absently, his eyes darting to the shack. “A strange place for a building.”
“I guess.” Lacey stretched out her legs, her stomach growling again. “Do you have any snacks in your backpack?”
“No, sorry. I think I’m gonna check it out.”
Her face fell. “What? The building? No.” She pointed. “There’s a padlock on the door. That’s code for keep out.”
“Nah, dat means there’s something valuable inside.”
“Yeah, spiders and bugs.”
He wriggled his eyebrows, an adventurous smile curving his lips. “Be right back.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Lacey said, but he was already jogging towards the building.
Milo tugged on the padlock. When it didn’t budge, Lacey assumed he’d grow tired of the game and come back. To her dismay, Milo found a rock and beat on the lock. A couple of minutes later, it broke. Milo pushed open the door and stepped inside.
Lacey tensed, glancing around. Even though it looked forgotten, the building belonged to someone. And the owner certainly wouldn’t appreciate Milo breaking into it. Milo was a daredevil from the word go, which is what attracted her to him. But this was going too far. She stood.
“Milo,” she called, “you’ve had your fun. It’s time to go.”
No answer.
“Milo!” she said angrily, rushing toward the building.
Before Lacey got to the door, Milo came running out, a look of exhilaration on his face. “You won’t believe it. The whole building’s filled with crates of paintings and statues.”
“Whatever’s in there, doesn’t belong to us. We need to go.”
He let out a loud whoop. “Ever heard of finders keepers? This is incredible, babe.” He took her hand. “Come on. I’ll show you. The stuff looks expensive.”
Lacey picked through the crate closest to the door. It didn’t take a trained professional to know that Milo was right. The paintings were exquisitely done in vivid detail. The items were valuable.
“We can sell these.” He began talking fast. “One piece will probably bring more money than we could make in a year.” He laughed. “Ten years.” He clenched a fist. “Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe it!”
“I don’t know.” Lacey chewed on her cheek. “These pieces belong to someone. They’ll come back for them. Maybe they’re stolen.”
Milo grabbed her arms, a feverish excitement in his eyes. “There aren’t any car tracks leading to the building. And the lock was so old and rusted that all I had to do was barely hit it and it fell off. This is our lucky day. Think about it,” he said enticingly. “No more waiting tables, for you. We can eat at the best restaurants. Stay in nice hotels. Maybe even buy a house.”
It was tempting. Everything in Hawaii cost a fortune. Lacey had blown through her meager savings in the first week and had taken a waitress job at a cafĂ©, which paid barely enough to cover her food and other expenses. Thankfully, Milo was letting her stay at his place rent free, but that couldn’t last forever. Eventually, she’d have to start paying her fair share. And she couldn’t do that on what she was making now. “But what’ll happen if somebody finds out we took these things?” A shudder ran through her as she glanced around, looking for cameras. “What if the place is under surveillance?”
He nodded. “You’re right. We need to be careful. I have a friend we can call. Someone who can help.”
“A friend?” She shook her head. “I dunno. Maybe we should just walk away and pretend we never found this.”
“Turn our backs on a fortune?” He squared his jaw. “We’ll never get another chance like this.” His eyes battled hers. “Please? Just let me call my friend.”
“Okay,” she finally said.
A smile broke over his lips. “You won’t regret it. We’re gonna be rich!”

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