Love Him or Lose Him (Hawaii Billionaire Romance) is now Available

Love Him or Lose Him is now available and part of the Hawaii Billionaire Romance Series.  This book was originally titled Everything to Lose and was part of the Destination Billionaire Series. It was the lead-in book written for my Hawaii Billionaire Romance Series, so it's nice to have it in the series with the other Hawaii Romances.

I love the new cover and title!

Hawaii is my second home. This book was especially fun to write because it involved two sisters ... and of course, I can't neglect to include the hunky surfer. In all seriousness, my sister and I have always been very close. Initially, she went to Hawaii because of me, and then it came a part of her too.

Every time I write one of these stories, I feel like I'm back in Hawaii! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Love and Alohas,



When her father dies suddenly, Samantha Fairchild gets engaged to Anthony, an uptight, controlling billionaire in order to save the family from financial ruin. Samantha accompanies Anthony to Hawaii while he’s conducting a business deal. A chance encounter with a free-spirited surfer with dreamy eyes and a quick smile throws her into a heart-wrenching tailspin. 

Finn Croft is everything Samantha ever wanted in a man, except for the fact that he’s a simple surfer with very little money. When he offers to teach her to surf, she doesn’t have the willpower to turn him down. Sparks ignite between them as Finn whisks her off to romantic spots around the island, leaving Samantha trying to juggle her commitment to Anthony and her family versus her growing attraction to Finn. 

Caught between forbidden love and loyalty, Samantha has everything to lose. Will she choose money and security, or will her heart win out in the end?