Don't miss The New Texas Titan Romance Series

I'm thrilled to announce that my newest book The Persistent Groom is now available! This is part of the Texas Titan Romance Series that I'm writing with two of my close friends Cami Checketts and Taylor Hart. It was been so much fun to collaborate.

Those of you who know me, also know of the long tradition my family has with football. So I couldn't wait to write this series. And then we decided to set the series in Texas--one of my favorite places. My family and I lived in Ft. Worth for several years, and I have a deep appreciation for the unique culture and people. It was fun revisiting Texas in my head as I wrote this story. My main character Ace Sanchez and his family were inspired by so many people and experiences. I could taste the tangy Mexican food as I wrote. Interestingly enough, my editor said the same thing. LOL! So  guess I should add a disclaimer that reading this story may make you want to run out and grab a burrito or tamales. If you've never had real Tex Mex food--the kind that only Texans can perfect--you haven't lived. Even the roadside diners are spectacular!

When we were in the trenches, noses to the grindstone writing our stories, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. We were saddened by the widespread destruction and decided to donate a portion of the proceeds of this series to help those who've been affected by the hurricanes and other recent natural disasters.

Cami's book, The Fearless Groom came out last week. Mine released today. Taylor's is next week. I feel so blessed to be able to associate with such quality writers and friends who recognize the importance of writing clean and inspiring stories.

And finally, let me offer a heart-felt thank you to all of our readers! We would be nothing without you.



A love he couldn't forget. A chance to make things right.
In the game of life only three rules apply: play hard, love more, and never give up!

When single mom Silver Coulter gets a chance to plan the bachelor auction event of the season, she has no idea it’ll bring her face-to-face with the very man she’s spent years trying to forget—Ace Sanchez, superstar running back for the Texas Titans, whose devastating good looks and quick-silver personality make him one of the most eligible bachelors in Texas.

Long-held attractions sizzle to the surface as Ace tries to get back into Silver’s life. But Silver has a sordid past that includes a nasty ex-husband and ruthless ex-mother-in-law who’ll stop at nothing to keep Silver in her clutches.

Torn between her need to protect her young daughter and her desire to be with Ace, Silver must decide if she’s willing to give up on her dreams or lay it all on the line for love.