The Reckless Warrior is Now Available!

Good morning!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Reckless Warrior is now Available! For the launch today, it's only 99¢. I got really attached to these characters. Corbin is a hotheaded Navy SEAL who's looking for a chance to prove he's not a total failure. This story resonated so deeply with me because I love second chances. We all make mistakes and wish we could do things differently. This is the point where Corbin is at the start of the novel. Then he meets Delaney Mitchell, an up-and-coming country music singer ... and everything changes ...

Without further ado ... The Reckless Warrior ...

A deadly vendetta, a country music singer on the rise, and the hot-tempered Navy SEAL who could either wreck or save everything …

Corbin Spencer’s made his share of mistakes and would give anything to have a do-over. When he gets the opportunity to join an elite security task force of ex-Navy SEALs, he jumps at the chance. Too bad the woman he’s supposed to protect just gave him the brush-off, then sicked her knuckle-headed security detail on him.

Delaney Mitchell is on the verge of hitting it big in the country music industry. At the very time when she should be flying high and enjoying life, she finds herself fleeing from a ruthless man who’s out for revenge.

Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, she realizes that the jerk she met at the party—the one with the chiseled body, intense green eyes, and rebel-without-a-cause attitude is her new bodyguard. 

In order to protect Delaney, Corbin finds himself taking her back to his hometown, teaching her how to ski, and, unexpectedly, dancing with her in his arms. Sparks fly as their mutual attraction kindles to something deeper and they question if they can put aside the heartaches of the past and learn to trust each other.

What will Corbin and Delaney find around the next bend? Retribution or redemption?